A Sneak Peek Into India’s Sexiest Payment Solution/Gateway

First things first, we have to apologize for taking so long to start operating Payd. From the overwhelming amount of signups and inquiries we have received, we know a lot of you have been planning to do great things with it. Rest assured, the time has been put to good use. Moreover, online payment is no easy game in India.

Secondly, we are not live *yet*, but you can expect that in a few weeks. We’re running some final tests and making sure everything’s working the way it should. Security comes first.

The first version of the product is fully ready. We did not feel very good about our previous design, so we redesigned every last pixel. We would like to give you a sneak peek at our sexy new design in this post, so it’s going to be more visuals and less talk.


Payment gatewayA customer shops online on a website integrated with Payd’s payment gateway. Payments are processed through Payd’s REST-based APIs, that can be easily integrated into any system, written in any language, within minutes.

Merchant profile

A customer looks up ‘MyPizza’ on Payd, sitting inside the shop. Shops can accept payments even without a website. Their profile on Payd acts more or less like a social network profile, only for payments.

Transaction list

A freelancer uses Payd to get paid at the comfort of his home. Payd can be used by any small entity, e.g. a college program committee selling tickets, a mom-and-pop store selling homemade sweets etc.

Transaction timeline

A buyer interacts with the merchant through Payd’s “transaction timeline”. Requesting a payment, requesting/making refunds etc. take just a click of a button. Payd provides a complete infrastructure to merchants and their customers.

Merchant dashboard

Payd is designed to operate with minimum intervention from the merchant. However, the “merchant dashboard” on Payd’s website is a powerhouse of functionality. Through the dashboard, a merchant can link her bank account, request payments, issue refunds, print custom reports and much more..

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of other intuitive features built into Payd. There are several others waiting to be. Moreover, as we learn more about you, we will tweak Payd to match your dreams.

We hope you like the design. Please let us know how you like it. You can reach us at love@paydco.com or on Facebook or Twitter. **Now we gotta get back to work**

— Love, Team Payd


18 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek Into India’s Sexiest Payment Solution/Gateway

    • Thank you. It’s sad that you don’t like the color theme. We hand picked it looking even at the philosophy and emotions of different colors. Did you mean the blue-gray-white combination? What else would you have liked in its place?

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